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Google Cloud Builds Open and Innovative AI Ecosystem


Google Cloud has announced new partnerships, programs, and resources to help partners harness innovation in generative AI. The company aims to bring the best of Google’s infrastructure, AI products, and foundation models to partners at every layer of the AI stack, including chipmakers, companies building foundation models and AI platforms, technology partners enabling companies to develop and deploy machine learning models, app-builders solving customer use-cases with generative AI, and global services and consulting firms that help enterprise customers implement all of this technology at scale.

The ecosystem includes leading companies such as Anthropic, Cohere, AI21Labs, Midjourney, and Osmo, which are building and training foundation models and generative AI platforms. The technology partners include Aible, Anyscale, Gretel, Labelbox, Snorkel AI, and Weights & Biases, all of which offer solutions for building, managing, and deploying machine learning models. The application providers leveraging generative AI include Bending Spoons, Faraday, Glean, Replit, and Tabnine, who are delivering applications for customers by leveraging Google Cloud’s portfolio of AI services.

Furthermore, Google Cloud is expanding its Google for Startups Cloud Program to offer exclusive benefits for AI startups. These benefits include more than double the amount of cloud credits, free customer care, enhanced support, and access to Google Cloud experts and community. Consulting partners, such as Accenture, BCG, Deloitte, McKinsey, Quantiphi, and TCS, are also committing to growing Google Cloud AI and generative AI advisory and implementation services and capabilities available to customers.

Overall, Google Cloud’s open approach to the AI ecosystem allows partners building foundation models access to the best of Google Cloud, bringing the power of generative AI to more application developers, driving a new wave of creativity and user-created content, and helping customers bring AI into important projects. Source


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